Pumping, reimagined

The first-ever, in-bra, wearable breast pump that doesn’t get between you and living life. Untethered. Spill-Proof. Indispensable.

Goes where you go

Practice yoga or run a meeting. With no cords or attachments, everything you need fits right inside the pump, so you can move through your day, untethered.


Willow is so quiet and discreet, you can pump while you take a conference call, get coffee with your BFF, or dream up what's next.

Hassle-free & spill-proof

Willow makes on-the-go pumping hassle-free. Fit together a few parts to pump. Put two in the dishwasher to clean. Pump and store milk in the same spill-proof bag. Toss right into your bag or freezer.

Pump in any position

Willow is the only breast pump that allows you to pump in any position without leaking. So take a load off - lie down and binge watch your fave show or rest with baby.

Pump smarter

Put it on and leave the rest to Willow. Willow senses your let-down and automatically switches phases from stimulation to expression. Our iOS and Android apps track milk volume, pump time and past sessions, with tips that keep you pumping smoothly.

How it works

The Willow pump was designed to work with breast cup sizes A - H. You will need to select the right flange to match your nipple size. Check out our sizing guide.

Simply attach the spill-proof Milk Bag inside the pump and pop the cover on. Lie down or bend over - pump in any position without leaking.

Place Willow on your breast and inside your own nursing bra. With a battery charge that lasts up to 5 sessions you can pump wherever the day takes you.

Toss the spill-proof Milk Bag in the fridge, freezer, or your bag and move on to what’s next on your to do list.

Willow Pump 2.0


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“Gone are the days where teachers must hide away, unable to prep for lessons or help students. Willow allows me to stay in my classroom to pump.”
Samantha A.
“I'm able to pump at work and see my patients without being tied down!”
Angela F.
Nurse practitioner and mom to three
“I think if I had to go back to my old pump, I may just stop breastfeeding/pumping altogether since it was such a hassle compared to Willow. ”
Cat B.
“Thanks to Willow, I didn't spend our vacation tethered to my pump in our hotel four times a day.”
Ricki F.
“Using Willow has helped greatly! I'm an active duty Staff Sergeant in the USAF, so I have a lot going on. I'm now able pump and keep up with my work.”
Roz B.
Staff Sergeant, U.S. Air Force
“I knew making it to 6 months would be a challenge for me. I owe my successful 13 months of exclusive breastfeeding and pumping to Willow.”
Sharon P.
OB/GYN and mom to Maxwell
“Pumping with Willow gives me an hour back in my day that traditional pumps took away. I can pump at my desk allowing me more time to get my work done.”
Danielle H.
Sales manager and first-time mom
“I love that I’m able to tackle tasks around the house and in public, all while pumping nutrients to nourish my babe. THAT is the definition of Super Mom.”
Jayme S.
First-time mom, stylist and content creator

Sizing Guide

Sizing Steps

  1. Stimulate your nipple so it’s erect.

  2. Hold a dime, nickel and quarter in front of your nipples to compare the diameter of the base of your nipples (not the areola) to each coin.

  3. Determine your flange size using the chart below.

    Size Guide

    If your nipple is:

    Smaller than a dime 21mm
    (Not Offered)
    Larger than a dime but smaller than a nickel 24mm
    Larger than a nickel but smaller than a quarter 27mm
    Ships Separately
    Larger than a quarter 30mm
    (Not Offered)

Compare Wearable Breast Pumps

Willow® 2.0 Willow® 1.0
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$429.99 $479.99
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(Includes 48 Bonus Milk Bags)
Included milk bags
Mobile & Hands-free
Fits in Bra
Pump in any position
Parts to clean
Pieces to assemble
Spill proof
App connectivity
Clear flange
for visible nipple orientation
Peek-through window
for milk flow visibility
Quick-Snap Closure
Assembly mechanism
Interlocking Clasp