Fun fact: the only time Willow® needs an electrical outlet is when it’s charging. Leave a Charger at the office, in your purse, or in different rooms—so you always have one. Bonus: if you have two Chargers, you can charge both pumps at once.

  • Works in any US standard electrical outlet


Free Shipping on Orders Over $70
Free Shipping on Orders Over $70

Sizing Guide

Size matters! Here's how to find your Willow size

Coin Method

  1. First, stimulate your nipple until it perks up (don't skip this step!)

  2. Hold up a dime, nickel and quarter to compare each coin against the diameter of the base of both of your nipples, not the areola (see diagram below)

  3. Willow Size Guide

    Find your Fit

    If your nipple is: Your size is:
    Much smaller than a dime See Printable Sizing Guide
    Equal to or smaller than a dime 21mm
    Larger than a dime but smaller than a nickel 24mm
    Equal to or larger than a nickel but smaller than a quarter 27mm
    Equal to or larger than a quarter 30mm
    (Not Offered Yet)
    Note: Sizing is the same for Milk Container and Flanges