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The Willow Pump
The Willow Pump
The Willow Pump


Wearable Breast Pump

Everything you need to pump is right here. With an all-in-one design, Willow works quietly inside your bra, collects your milk in an internal bag, and tracks your volume through the app. Now you can move freely and do things—real things—while you pump.
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Two Pumps


  • Includes All Parts & Accessories
  • Syncs With the Willow App
  • FDA Cleared

Mobile &

With no external tubes, cords, or dangling bottles, you are now free to move about your life as you wish.

Discreet &

Where’s Willow? Pumping quietly inside your bra—so you can take that conference call without the mute button.

Simple &
Easy to Clean

Your pump shouldn’t feel like a puzzle. Just put a few parts together and pop two in the dishwasher. Done and done.

Effective &

Willow is so smart, it senses your let-down and automatically transitions to expression phase based on your body’s own unique milk production and timing. Willow does not make you wait a pre-set time.

What's Inside the Box

  • Contents
  • App Integration
  • Product Details




244 oz. Milk Bags

2Cleaning Brushes

2Carrying Bags

1Pump Charger

1Quick Start Guide

1Instructions for Use

We're Here to Help

If you have questions or concerns about how to use your pump, our Customer Care Team will help you get started and make Willow work for you.